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Do Social Media Managers get Summer Vacation? Really?

Last weekend’s burst of hot, sunny weather definitely reminded me of just how much I love going to the beach and has me planning out my vacation already.

Summer is right around the corner! The temperature is getting hotter. The days are longer. Skin gets tanner and water is getting warmer. You’ve been working hard all year long and you’re due for a break .You deserve a vacation.

Of course, social media doesn’t really take a “beach day”, so here are all the steps for managing your social media over the summer so you, too, can enjoy a trip to the beach (I’ll also accept cottage, lake, or second cousin twice removed’s house).

Plan ahead

One of the most important parts of our social media management is the content we create and curate. The best tool you have to finding time off is to plan it. If you know Friday is going to be a great beach day, figure out what you NEED to post on Friday and schedule it ahead of time. There are many great tools, of course is my personal favorite, but the native Facebook scheduler is also great. Once you’ve scheduled your content for the day, just check in from your phone a couple of time (no more than that or you’ll ruin your day off!) to respond to comments. You’ll be able to relax more knowing that your posts are going up and you’re not scrambling from your phone trying to upload pictures or files, or trying to recharge a battery, or, or, or…

Before you begin scheduling your automated posts, you must make a few decisions:

Set consistent posting times 

As we know, audiences need consistency and expect new content at certain times based on your posting behavior. Schedule your posts at the same times and same frequency while you’re away so there are no gaps in your social presence.

Plan for the unexpected

Inevitably someone will need your assistance while you’re away and it may be urgent. In those cases where attention is required in a timely fashion, implement a customer service back up plan.

If you have other employees, make that person visible and known as the point of contact during your vacation time. Include their name and contact information in any communication you put out prior to your departure. This way customers know who to ask for in your absence.

If you’re on your own, consider employing a virtual assistant to manage immediate customer needs. It takes time to get a new person up and running, so plan ahead and establish a relationship with your freelance assistant well before your vacation date.

Set Up and Monitor Alerts

You never know what can happen when you go away for even a few hours. So I recommend setting up Google Alerts for important keywords, including your name, your company name, etc. Chances are you will check your email at least once a day, even when you’re on vacation, and these alerts can keep you informed of any potential issues.

So, now that you have a better idea of how to handle being on vacation, I hope that you’ll feel more comfortable taking time away.

Do you have any tried and true methods for handling vacation time away from social media? I’d love to hear your tips in the comments!