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The importance of content and how to promote it

11/02/2016 |

The amount of information on the web is exploding, making it more and more difficult to stand out. Many companies are turning to more advanced strategies to try to get through, including advertising and new ideas to promote your content.

promote your content

But doing this without coming across as spammy is a tricky proposition. In this free eBook, you’ll get 10 non-spammy ideas for content marketing success.

A few of the ideas include

  • Answering questions with your content
  • Connecting your social properties
  • Embedding tweetable quotes
  • Promoting new content within old content, and
  • Joining content sharing “clubs”

For hundreds of other ideas to help you succeed in an information dense world, check out my new book The Content Code: Six essential strategies to ignite your content, your marketing, and your business.